The Calm Kitchen


Nourish Your Mind and Body


The Calm Kitchen is a half-day workshop to motivate you to cook more. The kitchen can be a place to get grounded and calm your mind through cooking.Part cookery lesson/part life coaching, you will learn a simple tool to help you create a new daily cooking habit and we'll explore how to de-stress in the kitchen.

Cooking can be a chore, but when we eat well we feel better. Home cooking feeds our body and soul, and nourishes our selves and our family.  Creating really simple cooking habits that fit into our life makes this easier.

If you're craving less screen time and more time getting your hands dirty in the kitchen, this is for you.


  • Use your Intuition to know what to eat.

  • Create Nourishing Habits (and why willpower alone does not work in building a new habit).

  • Cooking as a Mindful activity.

  • Vegetarian lunch demo & recipes of dishes served on the day.

Good things start at the chopping board!

Saturday, 4th November 2017

The Fumbally, Dublin 8

We'll be cooking in the kitchen of the Fumbally, a gorgeous venue with a kitchen full of pickles, ferments, cookbooks and interesting concoctions.

Arrive at 10am and we'll finish before 2pm.

Welcome snack, tea and coffee, seasonal vegetarian lunch and all workshop materials will be provided.

You can book your place here.

There is a hunger today for a more considered life, one where our everyday circumstances are not a series of inconveniences to get through as quickly as possible but rather a source of our awakening and pleasure. We don’t have to go looking for it, we don’t have to purchase it, because it’s right here: in the way a cup of tea warms our hands, in the contemplation of the last of the summer tomato, in the rough skin of a storage potato, the scent of garlic softening in oil.
— Dana Louise Velden

Feedback on previous events...

"Had a lovely time yesterday at your Farm to Table event with great friends. Met some lovely people, learned loads and had the most delicious food and drinks from The Chopping Board. You'll leave very full, happy, motivated and wanting more. Will be back for sure. Don't think about it people, book and go. Lovely experience." - Michelle
"I had a great day at the farm to table event that you both hosted . A fabulous coming together of The Chopping Board and Not Another Walled Garden. I came away with a lot of gardening knowledge, and culinary skill. Thank you. Highly recommended." - Carmel
"Just spent a lovely morning/afternoon with Geraldine and Joanna.  All produce was from the garden or local. A fabulous day. Very well organized, very informative and most enjoyable. Thanks Geraldine and Joanna." - Deirdre