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My approach to cooking is simple, food is a pleasure and should be enjoyed without guilt or worry. A healthy meal is one that you have cooked for yourself with care and attention.

When we’re cooking we unwind and relax. After sitting at a desk all day, it’s a chance to use our hands and create something from scratch. Our brains switch off - peeling, slicing & stirring, seeing an ingredient change form under heat forces us to be in the moment. It feeds us in more than a physical way.

Few things make as much sense to me as cooking the ingredients that fuel and pleasure us. Nothing else grounds me as cooking does - it makes me happy.
— Rory O’Connell, Teacher, Ballymaloe Cookery School

My idea of mindful cooking and eating is that we are minding ourselves and others when we take the time and effort to cook a meal. Eating what we love is calming, and makes us feel happy and restored, comfort food at it’s best.

We crave the nourishment and comfort that comes from great food, cooked with love. 


With Darina Allen at Ballymaloe.

With Darina Allen at Ballymaloe.

If following your heart’s desire seems crazy but not following it is becoming more and more difficult with every passing week or month or year, your choices come down to taking a leap of faith or living with the regret of never having tried. Wouldn’t you rather jump?
— Martha Beck

Kind Words

Testimonial by Susan Hyatt for Joanna Bourke | The Chopping Board

"Joanna Bourke isn't just a chef, she is a magician who uses food to deeply nourish her clients. Joanna prepared my retreat menu with love and care and delivered masterpieces at each meal. Thank you Joanna for being so amazing."
Susan Hyatt, Life Coach, Entrepreneur


Testimpnoal by Peg Kusner for Joanna Bourke | The Chopping Board

"Joanna Bourke is a powerful blend of talented chef, food artist, and warm-hearted therapist. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her, do it!"
Peg Kusner, Peg Kusner Design


Testimonial by Gemma Deeney for Joanna Bourke | The Chopping Board

"Thanks so much Joanna for the amazing food, excellent service and impeccable taste at our Monalea Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat - it wouldn't have been the magical weekend that it was without you!”
Gemma Deeney, The Yoga Gym


Testimonial by Sas Petherick for Joanna Bourke | The Chopping Board

"Joanna catered my retreat in England for 16 women. She brought so much thought, attention and care to the whole experience - our Retreat participants fell in love with her JoFlow! Running a kitchen that is at the heart of a big house, is no small feat. Over the four days, Joanna played a vital role in ensuring everyone was nourished, cared for and able to enjoy food that loved them back. This meant they could relax into the deep and important work of the retreat. I can’t recommend Jo enough and I’ve already booked her services for next year’s Sacred Rascals!"
Sas Petherick, Coach & Mentor