"Grow and Cook: It's the secret to a happy life for you and everyone around you"

"Grow and Cook: It's the secret to a happy life for you and everyone around you"

Grow and Cook - this was Darina's advice when I met her for the 1:1 chat on Wednesday evening. She had tonnes of advice and recommendations on restaurants to work at in Dublin and London, the business of catering, and shared lots of contacts to get started.  Very inspiring and insightful - "very few of the world's ills can't be solved by being able to cook a healthy meal".  

Lemon Curd Sponge last Thursday.  Didn't win the Ballymaloe Bake-Off but was pretty pleased with it

Green Beans, Goats Cheese and Pine Nut Salad, also from last Thursday

Pink Cottage Ladies out to dinner with Kate's parents, who were visiting from the US, at


in Midleton last Thursday night

Kale Soup, last Friday

Scallion Champ, Friday

Greek Mozzarella and Tomato Salad, dinner with the girls in the cottage on Sunday night

Sweet White Scone, from Monday

Breakfast Fruit Salad, Apricots and Prunes in Honey

Apple Muesli

The Main Event, Irish Fry-Up

Drinking Bucks Fizz with Una on Monday after cooking breakfast

Class photo, Monday afternoon

With Julianne

Martin and Noreen Conroy, from Woodside Farm at the Monday demo.  It's the largest free range pig herd in Ireland.  Their pigs are born and live on the field, and only see concrete when they're on the way to the market.  They're fed wheat and barley, not commercial pig feed, live to 8 months old (and run like athletes apparently!). They only supply pork to local farmer's markets, and warned against the veracity of apparently free-range pork in the supermarkets.  We cooked their rashers and sausages in the Irish breakfast on Monday morning, delicious.

Wednesday's demo was on Afternoon Tea which included cupcakes, macaroons, cakes, sandwiches, tea etc..

Picnic Chest of sandwiches, think this is my favourite thing I've seen so far!

Muffuletta, from New Orleans, described as "a chunky, macho sandwich"

Mrs Lamb's Sponge


Kitchen 1, all quiet

Tunisian Orange Cake

The entrance to the cookery school

Paul has the shakes after an afternoon of sugar on Monday

Filing and revising for the herb exam next week.  "What does dill taste like?  Um...dill?"

Getting cozy by the fire with Kate


Tomorrow we're off on our school tour, including a visit to the Mahon Point Farmers MarketGubbeen FarmhouseUmmera Smokehouse and Monks Lane Wine Bar and Restaurant in Timoleague.  Then the family arrive on Friday for the weekend, and it's into the halfway point, Week 6!

Photos from October

Photos from October

New Week, New Kitchen

New Week, New Kitchen