Photos from October

Photos from October

It's been 3 weeks since my last confession... or update, and it's been a hectic few weeks, full of procrastination and great excuses.   Just after my last post we went on our school tour - a day trip to West Cork to visit the Mahon Point Farmers Market, the Gubbeen SmokehouseUmmera Smokehouse and a new pub that's recently opened in Timoleague serving food, Monk's Lane.

Stall at the Farmer's Market, Mahon Point

Curry for breakfast, from Green Saffron.

Noreen Conroy, from Woodside Farm in East Cork, who sell their pork products at the Douglas, Midleton and Mahon Point Farmer's Markets

Beautiful scenery on the drive through West Cork

At the Gubbeen Smokehouse we met Giana and her son Fingal Ferguson.  Gubbeen is a 250 acre traditional farm, known for award winning cheese and smoked meats.  It's run by the Ferguson family, Giana and Tom manage the dairy, poultry and land.  Their son, Fergus is responsible for curing and charcuterie and creates the salamis, chorizos, hams and bacons in the smokehouse.  Their daughter,  Clovisse is a biodynamic gardener on the farm.  It was a great place to visit and taste their produce, and see how its made.  The Gubbeen Kitchen is described by Darina in her introduction to the book as "one of those rare and special places where one just feels warm, content and peace with the world."  It's very similar to the Ballymaloe philosophy of respect for the land, animals and honoring the animal's life through food production.

Bought the book, of course

New friendly friend

Gubbeen Cheese

Giana Ferguson

Nice picture of David and Sarah


Fingal Ferguson

Chorizo in the smokehouse

Anthony Cresswell, who runs the Ummera Smokehouse.  Ummera produces smoked chicken, duck, eel, salmon, dry cured bacon.

Mum and Laura under the doves outside the White Cottage on their visit on the weekend of October 18th

Outside the Pink Cottage

Visit to the Jameson Distillery in Midleton

Butchery class in Week 6

Scones I made for my technique exam, October 24th

Happy Pizza Face from the demo, October 24th

Baked Potato, with obligatory butter and salt

Irish Seafood Platter with Mayonnaise

Carrageen Moss Pudding with Irish Coffee Sauce

Early morning gardening, week 6

Learning our herbs and salad leaves for the week 6 exam

Thai Green Vegetable Curry with Rice and Poppadoms

Sticky Toffee Pudding, week 7

Buttermilk Panna Cotta, week 7

Ballymaloe Lamb Stew, Nov 3rd, start of week 8

White Yeast Bread, Nov 3rd

Sunday in Ballycotton

Sunday in Ballycotton

"Grow and Cook: It's the secret to a happy life for you and everyone around you"

"Grow and Cook: It's the secret to a happy life for you and everyone around you"