After Roma-therapy, on to Sorrento

After Roma-therapy, on to Sorrento

After walking our little feet off in Rome we were ready for a few days of relaxation in Sorrento.  We stayed at the Carlton hotel, which was lovely and a perfect location 2 minutes walk from the Piazza.

View from the balcony

Drink local

Dinner at

Da Gigino

 on our second night

One for the road

I was dying to try this place when I saw it.  A shop with just chips!  They have a menu with about 10 sauces, we went for mayo and a Nastro.

On our third night we walked up to the Hotel BelAir for a cocktail on the terrace, with stunning views of the town and sea.

Stopped by a pizza oven on the way home

We had our tongue out waiting too

(Medium Size!) Pizza, Wine, Ipod

On the boat to Capri, last Sunday morning

Probably the best thing to do, as you disembark from the ferry at Capri is to hand over your wallet, and all its contents, to the Island of Capri.  They saw all of us tourists coming.

I stayed here a few years ago but avoided the day trippers in the town as I was at the beach or pool during the day.  In the Piazza you're paying for the glamour and the people-watching.  Fun for a few hours no doubt.

The port was crowded when we got off so we sought refuge in the first cafe we saw.  4.50 for a cappuchino!  

First thing we did was to take a boat tour to the Blue Grotto.  Lovely way to see all around the island.  At the Grotto we squeezed into smaller boats.

Traffic jam at the entrance to the Grotto

Inside the Grotto is beautiful.  The water is a stunning colour blue, because - shout-out to my Geography teacher friend and longtime reader :-) - of sunlight from an underwater cavity shining through the water, which creates a blue reflection that lights up the Grotto (thanks Wikipedia).

On the little boat the man in charge reminded us loudly and regularly that we should give him a tip before we got off.   Without hesitation, we gave him a generous tip, even tipping more than we had for others who had given us better service - we'd only been on his boat for about 2 minutes!  Silly us.

Interesting observation on how people get more of what they want - sometimes they just ask for it!

Getting off the boat we had to climb many, many steps to get to the Centro.  We reached the top and fell into the first cafe and guzzled 24 euros worth of coke.  That's only 4 small bottles if you're wondering!

Prime people-watching location.  Sweaty day-trippers at the back, glamorous Italians at the front.  Even the waiter ushered us to a table in the shade when he saw our sparkling paleness. 


Moscato Cocktail

Back in Sorrento, our last night in the Piazza 

On our last 2 nights we ate at the same place,

La Basilica

, and I had the same dish both nights, something I never do!  It was so good - pasta filled with lobster and cheese with Calabria's broccoli sauce.

Pizza bread

Au gratin scallops and oysters lemon perfume

Pasta Carbonara

Best dessert of the holiday too - berry cheesecake

And then home.  There's so many good things about an Italian holiday - sunshine, history, beautiful islands and coastline, pizza, limoncello.  The amount of tourists though (I know, irony) can be frustrating sometimes.  Service ranged bewilderingly from charming and friendly to downright hostile sometimes.  

We can both safely say we won't mind if we don't hear another accordion for a while.  It's lovely the first time, but the buskers could be aggressive going around the tables for tips. In one place they insisted on getting money from both of us individually, even after I had already given some.  Awkward.  They weren't even Italian and they were bloody awful!

These guys we spotted on the train clearly felt the same way after another round of That's Amore by some buskers who hopped on at a stop!

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When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere

When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere