New Autumn Class: The Calm Kitchen

New Autumn Class: The Calm Kitchen

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I'm excited to let you know about a new Autumn event I'll be hosting at the Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8, on Saturday November 4th.   It's a workshop called The Calm Kitchen and it's been in the works since last year when I cooked at my first retreat...

In September 2016 I cooked at two retreats in France, 5-star luxury events in beautiful chateaux in Cote d'Azur and Normandy. We had fresh croissants and pain au chocolat from the Boulangerie in the morning, followed by lunch and dinner of fresh produce from the market served with local wines, Champagne and French cheeses.  It was food heaven, and in the last year I've cooked at other yoga and life coaching retreats in Ireland and England.

Women had came to these retreats from all over the world. Some had come to work on specific projects, others had come away for a break from work or family, others to be taken care of for a few days.  Wherever I was, the chats in the kitchen had a similar theme - I don't know the right things to eat, what should I cook for myself and my family, and how do I get motivated in the kitchen?  I shared tips on cooking and how to make it easier. But when we got talking other stuff came up.  Like how a lot of what we know about food comes from diets and restriction, the fear and confusion we have around what to eat, and how it leads to a stressful relationship with food.

The Calm Kitchen workshop was created as the result of these conversations over dinner.  A combination of a cookery class with life coaching, I'll be sharing practical tools to help you get motivated to cook and eat well, and de-stress in the process. We'll look at creating new cooking habits and why motivation alone doesn't work. There'll be snacks and lunch, worksheets and recipes.

The Calm Kitchen is about finding peace in our relationship with food, and getting a feel for how cooking itself can be a respite from busyness, a break from our phones and a chance to connect with what's in front of us.


  • Intuitive Eating and Cooking methods I use at retreats and how to use your Intuition to know what to eat.

  • Creating Nourishing Habits (any why it's not just about having willpower).

  • Calm in the kitchen - cooking as a mindful moment in your day.

  • Vegetarian demo & lunch.

  • The Calm Kitchen toolkit - gift bag for you including recipe booklet.

I'd love to see you there!  You can book your place here.

There is a hunger today for a more considered life, one where our everyday circumstances are not a series of inconveniences to get through as quickly as possible but rather a source of our awakening and pleasure. We don’t have to go looking for it, we don’t have to purchase it, because it’s right here: in the way a cup of tea warms our hands, in the contemplation of the last of the summer tomato, in the rough skin of a storage potato, the scent of garlic softening in oil.
— Dana Louise Velden
The Calm Kitchen: Trust Your Intuition

The Calm Kitchen: Trust Your Intuition

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